Monday, January 31, 2011

menu plan monday - january 31

Here we are at the dawn of a new month. Yesterday I posted my January goal recap and my new February goals. But I left the one about the food budget out. In January we went over my lofty $400 goal.


We came in about $30 under our normal monthly goal. So, my challenge for February is to come in at least that same $30 under. That, of course, means careful planning.

Cooking in the kitchen this week:

  • teriyaki chicken (I'm going to make this one more time with a tweak, then I'll share the recipe with you.)
  • meatloaf & mashed potatoes
  • tater tot casserole
  • hamburgers
  • chicken quesadillas
  • taco soup

Later this week (hopefully), I have a recipe to share with you. Here's a hint ~ you usually make it from a box, but from scratch is just as easy, healthier, and possibly cheaper.

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Debbie said...

Sounds like a really good week at your household. Thanks for sharing. I hope you will come join me for Crock Pot Wednesday whenever you can. Happy February:)