Sunday, January 30, 2011

i jumped all over those goals

Sort of.

At the beginning of January, I shared my goals for the month with you. It's time to check in with those and determine February goals. Today is not the last day of the month, but if it hasn't happened by today, it's not going to happen.

Read 2 books. (This is a small step to accomplish my year-long goal of 35 books.) I read one book. I have been stuck the last few weeks. I haven't even read much while the kids were at dance. I think I need to abandon my current book and move on. There's no shame in that.

Make a bread recipe at least once. Nope.

List 5 new items in the shop. Accomplished! They are pretty cute too! Two of them even sold already.

Hang up and fold our laundry instead of letting it pile up.  Success! Not only did I clean up the big pile that was already on our bedroom floor (so what if I just finished the socks today), but I managed to take care of the folding and hanging of the laundry as it happened. Awesome and shocking all at the same time. Since laundry is an ongoing chore, I'm planning on keeping up this good habit.

And now for February ~
  1. Read 2 books. (Do you sense a recurring theme here?)
  2. List 5 new items in the shop.
  3. Clean out and organize the 4 drawers in the kitchen island which have inadvertently become semi junk drawers.
  4. Make a bread recipe at least once.
  5. Iron our school clothes the night before to help alleviate morning screaming stress.
  6. Complete my February photo project. (More on this later this week.)
So far I'm liking the idea of monthly goals. So much more of an easier bite to chew than constantly thinking about an entire year and feeling awful if you mess up in the first month.

Did you make January goals? How did you do? Let's hear about it!


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