Sunday, January 23, 2011


Nine years! It sounds like such a long time ~ yet it seems like it was just yesterday. How is it possible?

 {crazy sock day at school}

Nine years ago, we were ready for you ~ and Papa was worried that you'd decide to make your grand entrance into this world on Super Bowl Sunday. Luckily for him, the doctor decided you should come a little early and he didn't have to miss his game.

Nine years ago, you completed our little family. You made us whole.

Nine years ago, we wondered about the kind of girl you would be.

Nine years ago, you stole our hearts with just one glance.

Nine years ago, you made a sweet two-year old happy to have a baby sister.

Today, you still steal our hearts with your witty charm & your cute little smile.

Today, you are amazingly brilliant. You constantly keep us on our toes.

Today, we delight in having a conversation with you. You are insightful and use a vocabulary beyond your years.

Today, you are already a talented artist. We are anxious to see where this gift takes you.

Today, you are bold mixed with a little bit of shy.

Today, you have a heart for others. It bothers you greatly to see anyone sad or hurting.

Today, you are nine. We feel so lucky to have you. We love you with all of our hearts.


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Carpool Queen said...

What a sweet post, and a sweet girl! Please tell her I wish her a Happy Belated Birthday -