Sunday, February 10, 2008

disneyland - day 1

Going to Disneyland is one of our favorite times of the year. Ever since I met Greg, we go to Disneyland with his family once a year. There were even a few times we made it there more than once a year. It's a wonderful tradition that I loved before we had kids. I just love the atmosphere at Disneyland. It really is the happiest place on earth! Churro, anyone? With kids, going is so much more exciting. It's amazing to see them have a good time.

Who came? Well, the four of us, Grandma, Papa, Tony, and Gianna. Papa's sister, Mary, and brother, Bob, were there too, but we only saw them a few times for a few minutes. They did their own thing all day. Some years the group is bigger, but this is about as small as it gets.

Stephanie is concentrating intently on her driving skills. Grandma's looking a little scared, don't you think? Stephanie wanted to drive in a car all by herself, but she was just a little too short to go solo. 

Who let this short kid drive? She can barely see! On the dashboard of the cars there's a sign that says not to bump the car in front of you. Papa was in charge of the gas and bumped Stephanie and Grandma a few times. Heather was appalled! She pointed to the sign and let Papa know that bumping was against the rule. She was sure they'd get in trouble.

Heather has been tall enough to ride many of the more exciting rides for the last few years. However, she is still unsure of whether or not she likes them. She likes them in theory, but when it comes down to it, she may end up crying. We talked her into going on Splash Mountain again. She like most of it, except the last hill that drenches you. She liked getting wet, but not the drop. She and Greg sat in the front seat so she was soaked! Every time we got to a ride she was unsure of we'd tell her, "It's okay, you like this one." Probably she cried last year on it, though. She and Stephanie are adamant they are not going on Tower of Terror with us. Someday.

Heather's favorite rides are Soarin' Over California (at California Adventure) and Star Tours. She raises her hands like a pro on Star Tours. She's the only one who does and she gets this very serious look on her face when she does. Stephanie's favorite rides are Space Mountain and California Screamin' (at California Adventure). She loves the fact that it goes upside down (so does mommy). Last year both Space Mountain and California Screamin' had music from the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the rides. Not this year. It was better with the Peppers!

Stephanie didn't get so wet on Splash Mountain. But mommy did. How does that work?

Last year we tried to see the fireworks show, but it was cancelled due to wind (except there wasn't any). This year we saw it. All I could say was, "Wow!" I've never seen anything like it. At one point they had fire coming up out of the castle in big fire ball bursts. I could feel the heat! Tinkerbell flew across the sky a few times to the delight of the girls.

We were at the park from opening to close (14 hours).  No naps. The last hour or so got a little dicey with crankiness, but we stayed anyway. Once at the hotel, the kids put their jammies on and I told them to climb into bed. Two minutes later, this is what I found. 

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