Tuesday, February 12, 2008

teach your children some manners, people!

Teachers at my school have outside duty before school about every other week. Some of the duty stations I have are in areas where you see kids as they are arriving to school. I have duty at the bike rack this week, for instance. So I see bike riders, kids getting dropped off at the curb, and various walkers arriving and passing by me. I always say "good morning" to the kids and adults. All adults respond appropriately, as well as most kids. But there are about a third of the kids who just look at me like I'm from outer space or don't even make eye contact at all. Hello! Someone spoke to you, and even said something nice. Would it kill you to have some manners and respond, or smile in response at least if you are too shy to say anything??? So, parents, teach your children the polite way of interacting with others - adult or otherwise. Words like good morning, hello, excuse me, please, and thank you should definitely be a part of a child's early vocabulary as well as the knowledge of when to use those pleasantries. I also can't tell you how many times I've been mowed down by kids in the hallway because I was in their way without so much as an "excuse me." 

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