Wednesday, November 19, 2008

move over, super models

I am setting the fashion trends now. With the help of my own personal hair artists, that is. Don't try this at home. These are professionals, people.

The other night, Heather offered to play with my hair. Woohoo! I love it when someone plays with my hair. This is probably why I like the whole salon experience so much! But, I know that when one of the kids offers to play with my hair, this experience will last about 1.789 seconds before they say they are done. Apparently I was in for a treat, because Heather ran to get the bucket of barrettes. This do took more than 1.789 seconds.

The pensive hair artist is surveying her work and refusing help from her sister. Stephanie previously had no interest in my hair until Heather started creating her masterpiece. The mighty waters of jealousy and competition do run thick at times in our house. 

Here's the final product. You can see the artist smiling smugly in the background. Well done.

Not to be left out, when the 2,639th barrette was finally removed, Stephanie created her work of art. She did feel that I would need to balance this pink hairbrush on my head for the completed look. Alrighty then. 

Be cautioned, this is not an every day look. This particular look is reserved for the most special occasions. Mistakingly wearing this do to the office is the equivalent of wearing your prettiest taffeta bride's maid dress to mow the lawn. The general public will not be able to appreciate this look. It is better left to the fashion runway, charity dinners, or your best friend's wedding.

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Suzanne said...

I love's perfect for Crazy Hair Day at school! I remember doing this to my mom but with tins of ponytails!