Friday, November 7, 2008

this is how it went

Greg likes to hear how we spent our track break days when he gets home. Here's how this day went....

This kids wanted cinnamon toast for breakfast. Cut it in triangles, please.

They ate their breakfast on the patio. Mind you, not at the table, but train-style in the grown-up chairs.

I finished baking the cookies that I started yesterday. I've been telling Greg that I'd make these cookies for weeks and weeks. I'm finally delivering.

This girls played out in the back, mastering their flips on the swing set. I shuddered, took pictures, then refused to watch anymore. 

Then they moved to the front yard and rode their bikes and scooters. There was some play with a rope and the crappy skates they have. I swear I need to pitch those skates when they aren't looking. They're worthless. Then there was some business with the rope and their bikes. It got tangled and I had to untangle the mess. I don't even really want to know what was going on. 

Then lunch was outside in the front yard. 

Apparently lunch was tiresome because I found them finishing their lunch laying down. I really thought Heather was going to fall asleep right there. But as soon as they were done they were up and running again. 

They were completely filthy when they came in. Black covered their hands, feet, and faces. They fought played and soaked in the tub for nearly an hour. 

I tidied up a little bit and arranged some of the fall decor. 

The television was on all morning and most of the afternoon. It was tuned to HGTV. I stopped here and there to pay more careful attention to a show. 

I did a little more sewing. I'm going to be in another craft show in two weeks and I only have about one more week to get some more stuff made. I'm pretty pleased with how this one turned out.

Right now, we're waiting for Greg to come home. The kids are supposed to be cleaning the playroom. What do you think? It looks like they are doing more playing than cleaning. This playroom is an absolute disaster. They emptied the toy box to hide in it. (I don't always ask why.) Evidently the toy box is where every small item in that exists in this house is kept because the floor was covered. I think they also emptied out some other bins too. 

Stephanie just announced to me that they cleaned up "part" of the playroom. 

Me: How about all the playroom? Would that kill you?

S: Yes.

Well, alright, then.

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