Saturday, November 1, 2008

pumpkin tradition

It is our family tradition to buy our pumpkins earlier in October. Then the night before Halloween we transform them into jack-o-lanterns. Sometimes this means staying up really late and sometimes this means carving pumpkins in dance outfits (last year).

Even though they really want to carve the pumpkins, the kids get just a little grossed out by it ~ even still. To me, it's kinda itchy sticking your hands in that ooey mess. 

They scooped & gutted. They drew. They carved. They broke two of the carvers. I ended up using the last carver to finish off both pumpkins.

They used the tracers as their inspiration for the pumpkins.

Heather picked the man with the mustache. She drew most of it herself, just by looking at the picture. It turned out great. 

Stephanie went with the classic Jack face. It also turned out great.

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