Sunday, November 30, 2008

bad dreams, ranting, planning

I've been having bad school dreams for the past few days. You know, the kind where the principal is mad at me. The one where the kids come all eager and expectant but there are boxes all over the room and I have no clue what to teach them. The one where I can't find the students. This can only mean one thing ~ track break is over and I have to go back to work tomorrow. Those of you with jobs that only give you a few weeks of vacation a year are telling me to quit my nonsense whining right about now.

I get pretty used to staying home over track break. And this one has been a good one. I didn't get all the things done on my list, but I also decided not to beat myself up about that list. The list I make for myself if too long and totally unattainable. Most of the laundry is done. If you popped over unannounced right this minute I would not be embarrassed by the state of my kitchen/living area. I managed to harp on the kids long enough for the playroom and their bedrooms to be in a pretty clean state.

One huge reason I'm not looking forward to going to work tomorrow is because I have a meeting with some parents who are mad at me, plus the assistant principal, plus a whole lot of other people. This meeting was requested by the parents. Even the trouble-maker grandmother will be there. They are tweaked because I am not understanding with their devil child daughter and unreasonably expect her to follow the rules - just like everyone else. I know. How dare I? Sorry, you don't get to be mean to people, call people idiot and stupid, and push people in the lunch line on repeated days prior to the Halloween party and still get to participate! You don't get to poke people with the staples you find the floor (first day of school, people). You don't get to throw pencils at people. You don't get to copy off others at your table. They want her out of my class. To which I say ~ don't let the door hit you on the way out. Only, that won't happen because that's just now how it happens. The AP will talk them down and tell them that staying with me is the best thing - blah, blah, blah.

The thing I have to decide is how I will handle myself in the meeting. There are a few options here:
  1. Tell them how it is. Tell them how horrible their daughter is being. Tell them that spoiling her gets her nowhere. Tell them that unless they lay down the law at home she will continue to misbehave and continue to learn nothing in school.
  2. Be very passive. Let them vent. Let the AP handle the whole thing. Go on with my life.
No matter what, if this becomes a Bash Mrs. Robinson session I will for sure get up and leave. That much I've already decided. When I was a less experienced teacher I would have sat there and taken it. Now, I realize I don't have to be treated that way. I will leave.

Greg thinks that since they scheduled this meeting the last day of track break they will not remember to show up. That would be nice. I will magically not be available for another meeting until our upcoming parent/teacher conferences. Then they only get 20 minutes!

The kids are ready to go back to school. They miss their friends. They miss their teachers. Heather just finished her first full-fledged chapter book and cannot wait to tell her teacher about it.

So, in the spirit of organization, I conned Greg into going shopping at Target and the grocery store with me today. (Actually, he's been grocery shopping with me the last several times.) On the menu this week:
  • king ranch chicken
  • lasagna & caesar salad
  • homemade chicken noodle soup
  • chili (with Fritos & cheese, of course)
  • ham & scalloped potatoes
  • hamburgers & fries
We do not expect to be home on Tuesday evening since Wendy is being induced Monday evening. We'll get fast food.

In other news, I got the material cut out for Stephanie's drama club costume. Cutting out the pattern is the worst! Turns out I had to buy more fabric for whatever reason. It's possible I asked for the wrong amount when I bought it. I don't know. I'm also sewing with fabrics I've never used before - crepe backed satin & a tulle-like material. Wish me luck! The play is only in 11 days. The pressure is on!

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