Friday, March 14, 2008

watchin' the grass grow

We planted grass seed today! Hallelujah! Let's stop for a moment of silence.

Ok, thanks.

The manure was disgusting. I thought I might lose my doughnuts (breakfast of champions!) a time or two while Greg was loading the spreader. 

Now, we wait. 

Are there blades yet? 

No. So we wait some more.

The backyard is actually not quite done. There are still 3 rows of planters and the island still waiting for plants. We already put 30 plants in the top & side tiers. But rest of the plants are gonna have to wait. 

Greg has no doubt carried the majority of the burden in the backyard. He used most of his vacation days and an endless number of weekends over the last few years working in the backyard. But let's review things I've done in the backyard (this is my blog, afterall).
  • I learned how to drive a bobcat. Oh, yeah, there's a hilarious story. Like the time I was backing off the curb and nearly tipped the whole thing backward. I screamed bloody hell.
  • I carried brick after brick after brick for the planters.
  • I shoveled dirt, dirt, and more dirt.
  • I carried buckets (ok ~ only half full) of dirt I didn't think I could carry, then lifted them onto the 4-foot wall.
  • I lifted wood beams for the pergola above my head and prayed I wouldn't drop them.
  • I helped stain the pergola. 
  • I made buckets and buckets of Gatorade for Greg.
  • I swept and and vacuumed mountains of dirt that was constantly trekked in the kitchen.
  • I heaved bags of poop out of the back of the truck. Then heaved 30 of them back in because we bought too many.
  • I painted the stucco.

The rest of the trees are beginning to bloom.  

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