Thursday, January 24, 2008

10 important things about Heather

Heather turned SIX this week!  Time has flown and our baby is growing up! To celebrate her, there are 10 important things you should know about Heather:

1~Heather is observant. Even when we don't think she is listening she picks up on so much and is likely to repeat it later. So watch what you say!

2~Heather loves it when you give her names of endearment. She loves to be called honey, sweetie, sweetheart...she's not picky as long as the name is sweet.

3~Heather likes to smell things...people, food, flowers, you name it. She makes connections with her world through her sense of smell. Watch out ~ she might sniff you!

4~Heather likes healthy food. Don't get me wrong she enjoys her share of fried, greasy, sugary goodness. But she also likes salad, broccoli, tons of other vegetables, healthy cereal, etc. She has a wide range of taste. She requested salad for her birthday dinner (followed by brownies, of course).

5~Heather draws with amazing accuracy for her age. She has drawn people with necks, clothes, shoes from early on. She puts detail in her pictures and colors neatly. Now that she is learning to read and write she enjoys making up stories to go along with her pictures.

6~Heather is very smart. She is reading many sight words and tries to sound out everything. She remembers the phonics rules she has been taught (even in passing) so far. She can also tell you how many syllables are in any word you give her as long as she can repeat the word (so no medical terms yet, please).

7~Heather is loving. She loves to snuggle on the couch and watch tv. If she gets a chance to sleep in our bed she must be touching one of us at all times. No sense in moving over to give her room, she will just follow you.

8~Heather is full of energy. The girl is nonstop all day long. She can run, sing, talk, jump, dance, and go, go, go. She doesn't stop until she goes to bed. 

9~Heather is a sensitive soul. She is aware of every unfair act that occurs in the house or the world around her. She cries if Stephanie or I cry. She is concerned with others' feelings.

10~Heather is funny. Her mannerisms and things she says always keep us (and others) in stitches. Along with the funny comes a very sweet charm as well.

We love you Heather! You have made our world more amazing by being with us. We are so very blessed by every moment. Welcome to age six, Big Girl ~ Sweetheart. :)

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