Saturday, January 19, 2008

you sew?

Well, yes. I know how. I took home ec in jr. high, then a sewing class in high school. Admittedly, I was never a pro, but I did make myself a few outfits back in the day. I've made some other non-clothing projects as well. But I've never been fantastic at sewing. Most things that I am not fantastic at I prefer not to do. Until lately...I've been itching to sew! Never mind that my two (yes, there are two) craft tables upstairs are overrun with painting and scrapbook messes, er, I mean supplies. Never mind that my last sewing project went soaring across the room, seam ripper too, followed with words that would make you blush. This last project is really the only one that Greg ever witnessed since my sewing days were much earlier. So you can imagine his joy when I announced that I wanted to work on some new projects that involved sewing. He gently reminded me of the stupid curtain that took me several tries, with some crying in between, to get it just right. I told him, that it was ok because the stuff I want to do is easy - I looked it up on the internet. I know how. (To be fair, that's exactly what I thought about the curtain I attempted with no pattern.) He again expressed doubt - not at my abilities, just because of whatever added frustration in my life this may cause. I tried to take his advice, but kept thinking about the fun things I could make. I imagined myself sewing them and how they'd turn out. I could hear the rhythmic purr of the machine. I gave in. I went to the store and picked out some delightful fabrics. I pulled out my sewing machine & put it on a table downstairs. The project started out just fine (the fabric cutting), then I couldn't get the tension just right on the machine. Turns out I was using the wrong size bobbin (shouldn't they all be the same size???). With the correct bobbin wound and installed I finished my first re-attempt at being fantastic at sewing. 

I think it turned out well. And it's cute! I think I'll make a couple more to add to my Etsy shop. I also have several more projects in mind that I will be trying.

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M&M Kanet said...

So cute Andrea! I didn't know that you are so talented... a creative writer and crafter! I'm glad you finally spilled the beans about your blog.