Tuesday, January 15, 2008

fashion faux pas

Today I wore the exact same outfit that I wore one day last week. I usually try not to do that. My black pants make an appearance every week, along with the brown ones, tan ones, some other black ones, jeans, etc. But I usually try to make sure I don't wear the same shirts each week.  A friend of mine has a clothing calendar and manages to have a 6-week rotation. How she manages that, I don't know. I don't own that many clothes that actually fit me. She's my hero. Well, today was different. I was being observed by my principal. You'd think that after 12 years of teaching this wouldn't bother me. You can not believe yourself when your morning mantra is "I'm not nervous." The shirt I wore last week looks pretty good, so I was forced to wear the same outfit two weeks in a row to save my sanity. Of course, maybe I should have been a little more nervous. I started to give the students the wrong directions on the worksheet. I caught myself and commented that maybe I should read the directions a little better. That didn't get past Ms. Principal - but she did note it next to the phrase "sense of humor" (She writes everything down!) That's right, I'm funny. :) I also said in my lesson plan that I was going to set the purpose for learning to count money (duh!) but forgot to mention it until halfway through the lesson. Better late than never? The kids were doing such a great job, I just went with it and forgot what I wrote on that little paper. I don't think I'll get fired.

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