Thursday, January 10, 2008


Yesterday was Stephanie's award ceremony at school. She got an award for the A Honor Roll and one for 100% attendance for the first trimester. She's such a smarty. I took pictures, but they turned out so blurry ~ way too blurry to post. I'm so proud of her! School comes easily for her, but she also works hard to push forward. She is at the top of her class and reads above grade level. She knows that homework and school are a priority, even when you'd rather play. :)

You are probably asking, "What about Heather?!" Well, they don't get letter grades in kindergarten, so there's no Honor Roll. She does have 100% attendance as well, so that award should be forthcoming. Heather is learning so much and is at the top of her class as well. She is having a ball sounding out words at every turn. She is the syllable queen. She loves to be given a word and she will tell you how many syllables it has. That's just not normal for her age.

Well...what did you expect from teacher's kids??  ;)

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