Monday, January 21, 2008

you gave away my cereal

As promised, the kids and I went to Target and to the grocery store today. While loading groceries into the back of my car a woman came up, said she was hungry, and asked me for a dollar. I hate that! That should be illegal. Oh wait, it IS illegal! Anyway, she didn't take me by surprise because I watched her ask the women loading the car next to mine. I don't ever give anyone money. I donate to places to feed people in need. I was in a strange position here, loading a bunch of groceries while a woman tells me she is hungry. Usually I get the car broken down story. So in my haste I told her no about the money, then grabbed a box a cereal and offered it to her. To my surprise she gratefully took it and thanked me. The box I happened to grab was the Cookie Crisp cereal Heather picked out. I watched Heather's jaw drop and the look of "Just what do you think you are doing?" appear on her face inside the car as I handed her choice over to the lady. Just then one of the guys from the grocery store appeared by my side said he'd help me load the car. I was thankful that it seemed the grocery store employees were watching out for their customers. Once in the car I told Heather I'd buy her more cereal the next time we were at the store. She asked me if that lady was poor. When I told her yes, then both she and Stephanie (whose cereal I did not give away) said that it was ok that I gave away the cereal.

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