Wednesday, January 2, 2008


When I call Greg this morning ~ and hopefully it will still be morning ~ to tell him we are out of the house and on our way to the destination, he will note how late it is and ask what I've been doing, that he thought I wanted to get an earlier start. Now that's a very good question. What have I been doing? Truth is, I'm not really sure where the time goes. Because I've only done a couple of really quick things:

  1. read email (1 good one and 4 junk ones)
  2. read some of my fav blogs
  3. admire a project I finished last night (it's top secret ~ can't tell you about it yet)
  4. take some pictures of the project 
  5. load pictures on the computer

Really ~ how could this all have taken so long?

Actually, what it comes to is that I don't want to go to school on my day off and work on lesson plans that I abandoned on that last day before Winter Break. There is too much procrastination going on around here. 

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