Wednesday, January 2, 2008

a good argument for showering

While eating a sandwich (yes, late lunch) at 4:30, Stephanie runs up to me and announces that something popped in her mouth. This is not what I want to hear at anytime, much less this time of day on the eve of me going out of town. As I peer into a mouth with slimy sandwich remnants I see that sure enough, one of the bands that holds her bottom retainer in is now loose and flying free. Crap, crap, double crap! I quickly call the dentist and explain what's going on and ask very nicely if we can come now, but it will take half an hour to get there. I know his last appointment is usually 4:30 because I usually get those. This means they will be staying late for us. Not exactly in his plans either. They graciously say yes, come now. Off we go. As I was driving, I was thinking that it's a good thing I was already showered and dressed. It's a good thing I didn't declare this jammie day and take a shower just in time for bed. It's a good thing I was forced out of the house earlier today. Showering - it's a good thing.

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