Wednesday, September 24, 2008

10 important things about Stephanie

Stephanie is turns NINE today. It seems like just yesterday this sweet girl came into the world and made me a mother. Here's 10 things you should know about Stephanie.
  1. Stephanie is sensitive. She cried at the end of Monsters, Inc. when she was only 3 years old. She is concerned about others' feelings and wants to comfort them when they need it. She is very in tune to my feelings especially, even when I don't say anything to her.

  2. Stephanie is smart. She does very well in school and is a good problem solver. She reads above grade level and catches on to new concepts quickly.

  3. Stephanie is a performer. Although small crowds of watchful eyes make her nervous, she is very comfortable on the stage. She has shown that she is a natural with her drama club and dancing.

  4. Stephanie is quiet. Although this seems quite contradictory to #3, she likes to quietly assess a new situation before completely joining in on the action. She is careful with her first actions.

  5. Stephanie is a snuggler. Sleeping, watching a movie, in church ~ she is happiest when she is snuggling someone she loves.

  6. Stephanie is the very best big sister. Being a big sister means lots of looking out for her little sister. She takes this role seriously and most times seems glad to do it. She looks out for Heather's best interests and teaches her things.

  7. Stephanie is fair. Although kids can selfish at times, she is generally interested in fairness. She wants all of her friends to get along. She wants everyone to have an equal turn. She worries about whether or not her different groups of friends will be able to mix with ease.

  8. Stephanie is a leader. When she is part of a group, she sees what needs to be done and takes on a leadership role. Heather sometimes interprets this as being bossy.

  9. Stephanie is a sleeper. She has boundless energey while awake, but this girl needs her beauty sleep! Given an opportunity, she will still sleep 12 hours at night. She is a bear to wake up. She also prefers to stay up late (like me) and then sleep late (like Greg).

  10. Stephanie has perseverance. She has shown this most clearly with all the dental work she has gone through so far. She complains about the contraptions in her mouth very little. If she says something is bothering her, it really is. She has been told she cannot have gum countless times, but still tries to have a good attitude. (And she still tries to get us to say 'yes' about the gum. No way, kid.)
Happy Birthday, sweetheart. Thank you for being in our lives. We are blessed beyond measure.

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Danny and Paulette said...

I know I'm not alone in admitting that seeing Stephanie (all the grandkids, for that matter) have a good time and a GIANT smile on her face was just as much fun as having that wonderful birthday myself. I agree with all ten of the items on your list about her and would only add that she is a real go-getter as far as learning, doing, discovering, etc. She actually looks forward to more work if it involves getting to her goal. Great kid. We all love her.