Sunday, September 28, 2008

a new bike and a tattle

Grandma and Papa took Stephanie shopping for a new bike last Sunday. She's pretty much outgrown her old one. She got a really fun Mongoose bike with a new helmet.

This one doesn't have foot brakes like her old one. I think she was a little bit nervous about this. We prepared her for the inevitable fall. The inevitable never happened that afternoon. Whew!

She whizzed up and down our street like a pro, loving her new bike. 

Then ~ somebody else wanted a turn.

Oooo! I'm tellin'! Aunt Wendy and her unborn child hopped on Stephanie's bike for a test spin around the cul de sac. Of course, Greg click-clicked away with the camera for bloggy evidence. We told her she was going to get in so much trouble when Chris saw these on the internet. Apparently she went right home and confessed her wayward self...but no pictures showed up this week because I got behind. She told me today that she confessed for nothing. Well, not just for nothing, Wendy. I'm late, but here they are on the internet! Good thing you confessed.

I think Gavin rather liked his bike ride.

And so did his mother. It's hard to keep Wendy off things with wheels ~ bikes, scooters, 4-wheelers, big girl trucks ~ you name it, she loves it.

And here are the artistic race car driverish shots. Or maybe Wendy is doing an Oakley ad.

About 6 o'clock, Paulette said it was time for them to go ~ after all, it was 6 o'clock and she hadn't eaten dinner yet. Then I made some sassy comment it must be past the Senior Dinner Hour. She likes to eat so stinkin' early! I'm not thinking  I scored any Cool Daughter-in-Law points on that one. There goes another award. 

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