Sunday, September 21, 2008

flag ceremony

Time again for flag ceremony. Every class gets a turn to lead flag ceremony outside on Fridays at school. This past Friday, Stephanie's class had their turn. Her teacher asked who wanted to be speakers. From those people, she drew names. Stephanie was one of the three lucky winners. Her buddy Tyler was another lucky winner. Except for 3rd grade, Tyler and Stephanie have been in the same class since kindergarten. Isn't he so dang cute!

Stephanie told me that Tyler was supposed to announce the song their class was singing, but didn't want to hold the mic during the song. No worries. Our little performer is very comfortable with a microphone in hand. So Stephanie held it and went to town. Their teacher had them do some swaying in one part. Stephanie was a real natural. On the beat and on tune, too. You could tell she was really enjoying herself.

And finally, the school song. She still did all the hand motions while holding that mic. 

Great job, Stephanie!

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