Wednesday, September 24, 2008

lunching with the little lady

After church on Sunday, we met at Olive Garden for Stephanie's family birthday lunch. We were thinking that most of the family does not want to be a part of the all-girl slumber party that will be taking place this Friday, so a birthday lunch was in order.

What else do you need besides the good company of family, some hearty pasta, a birthday song, and an ice cream sundae?

Duh? Presents!

Hey, what is it?

Oh, geez! Not the box within a box trick! Jim and Tona used to do that to Greg and Wendy all the time. I've heard stories about especially brutal instances when a screwdriver was required to unscrew many screws on the wooden box to get to the next box inside.

Wishes do come true! This girl has been wanting an ipod for over a year. We decided to give in and get her her very own hot pink Nano.

Grateful does not describe the bone crushing hug and ear piercing squeals I got.

This is Heather's P-L-E-A-S-E face when she asked me if she can have an ipod when she turns nine. What was my answer? Well of course, the usual ~ "We'll see." Come on! I think Rule #57 of Parenthood is not to give in easily. Rule #65 is to not show all your cards at once.

Stephanie had a great lunch. Then she headed out with Grandma & Papa to go bike shopping and with Aunt Wendy for a birthday shopping spree. Nah ~ she's not spoiled or anything.

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