Sunday, September 14, 2008

hello stranger

It's been a while since we've spent time together.  I've missed you.

It's been ages since I heard your quiet, yet steady, hum.

Well, alright, it's only been since school has started. Still, I find it completely unacceptable that I haven't spent time with either my sewing machine or any of my other crafts in such a while.

Grandma Smith asked me if I wanted to have a table at her community craft fair in October. I have never had my own table anywhere before. I'm worried about how I'll do. Will they like my stuff? Will I make the right stuff? Will I have enough variety? Will I have enough duplicates? Years ago, Tona had a craft boutique at her house and I put my tole painting stuff in. That was different because all of my stuff was all mixed in with the other stuff. This time it will be just my stuff on table. Yikes!

That said...I'd better get busy, right? So I have enough stuff. Talking about it won't produce it!

So I made two things yesterday in between blogging, going to the Depot with Greg, and something else, I'm sure. 

I made this cute skirt set. It's a 3T. I didn't actually make the tee, but sewed the applique on it. I did make the skirt. From scratch. No pattern.

I'm pretty dang proud of this one! I used the denim shorts I altered for Gianna's birthday for some of the measurements for size. I checked out a tutorial online on how to make my own bias tape for the bottom. Then I decided on some measurements and got started. Once I got the bias tape thing figured out, the rest was easy.

And I whipped up another journal cover. It gets easier every time I make one. 

Today Stephanie and I went to a couple of quilt stores to look for some fun fabric that Joann's doesn't seem to have. I liked the first store well enough. But when I got to the second store I wished I had gone there first and not spent as much money as I did at the first one.  I was only there about 20 minutes because it was closing time. I will go back to that one for sure! 

I got talked into making some Halloween place mats for the kids. First it was just a coaster, then it turned into place mats and a coaster. Sheesh! I'll let you know how that turns out. It better turn out pretty soon considering October is just around the corner. Shh. Don't tell anyone, but I might still have the 4th of July decorations up. Or I might not. Can't really say.

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