Monday, December 1, 2008

by the glow of the tree

Yesterday afternoon all household members were subjected to the customary Sunday Nap. The only members who objected to this ritual were the small ones. We bribed them with sleeping in our room with us. (Psst - that way we know they are not goofing off during nap time.) I woke up to find it was nearly dark outside. Greg and Heather had already gotten up. Stephanie was snoring in her sleeping bag.

I walked in the living room to find this.

Years ago, Greg taught the kids to lie under the tree and look up into the glowy goodness like he and Wendy did as kids. We elevate the tree a little with a wooden stand which makes tree gazing even more convenient. Apparently it is an enticing reading place for Heather.

Heather has just started reading chapter books. This is her first. She is more than thrilled. It did not take her long to finish this one. 

Later I found her in her room reading too. 

She is preoccupied with losing teeth. This book is about a boy who is the last in his class to lose a tooth (that will be Heather, I'm sure.) When she finished this book, she started a Junie B. Jones called Toothless Wonder. In that book, Junie B. is the first to lose a tooth in her class.

There are no ornaments on the tree or tree skirt yet, just in case you were wondering. The tree is upright and fluffed. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

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