Tuesday, August 19, 2008

can't you see i'm trying to save the earth here?

Dear Grumpy Target Check Out Lady,

I realize it was almost time for your break. How could I not when you growled that fact to another cashier as you started ringing my stuff? I handed you my Earth friendly reusable bags as you started. I was just a little dumbfounded when you asked me, "You want to use these?" No, really, I just wanted you to see how pretty those are. Give them on back now. OF COURSE I want to use those. I spent money on those! I'm trying to be a responsible Earth citizen! I merely replied, "Yes, please." 

As if that exchange wasn't enough, you just set them on the counter and began loading up the plastic bags. Apparently your auto-pilot cannot be turned off, even if it does mean saving the Earth. Now at this point I will admit I gave you part of the "look" and set things on the counter just a little louder. At this point your memory came back to you because you looked at me and said, "I don't think it's all going to fit in those bags." Ok, I only brought three bags into the store. I bought more than I planned on (surprised?). But still, most of it should have fit. Because of my poor planning, I was ok with using a plastic bag or two at the end of the transaction. I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped to the ground when you grabbed one of the plastic bags with only a few items in it, shoved it in my reusable bag then pushed it aside indicating you were done with that one. Then you put a few things in another one and called that one good.

Holy heck, woman, I'm on fire now. I move over to the bagged items and began rearranging the fuller one. Look at how much room was left! I took items out of their plastic bags and put them in mine. I filled it pretty well then moved on to the next one. Apparently  you viewed this a challenge to your clerkship, because you began to bag the one you had appropriately. And I walked out of the store with only two plastic bags. HA!

What you may not realize, grumpy gal, is that not only am I single-handedly saving the Earth, but this also makes my life so much easier. These bags are truly miraculous! They hold tons but don't seem to be very heavy. They have long handles so I can sling some on my shoulders and hold some while unloading the car. Maybe it's left over from my apartment days, but I try to make as few trips in the house as possible while unloading the car.

So next time you see my bright and shiny face coming and cheerfully hand you my reusable bags thank your lucky stars someone is making an effort and give a girl a break. Um, that goes for other people with reusable bags too. 

A Girl Just Trying to Help

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Danny and Paulette said...

Yes, Earthsaver, if only others would use their bags for good instead of evil. . . . .