Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Every year since our school opened (6 years) Charlotte and I have a tradition of doing something to mark the end of the school year. It's been as elaborate as a weekend trip or as simple as lunch & a pedicure on our last contract day. Regardless, every year, we do something. It's our tradition. Sometimes it is just the two of us, other times there are others. In most recent years, Beasley has kept our company. Last year we even had two tradition days because Beasley abandoned us midsummer to move to Mississippi.

We also have other traditions. After school we meet in Charlotte's room for what she calls "therapy" sessions. Sometimes our sessions are 10 minutes because of other obligations. Other times we've sat there for hours. I can't tell you how many times I've just about peed my pants sitting in her class because we are having so much fun! We figure we've saved thousands on therapy by having each other. When one of us is on track break we mope sadly back to our own room and actually get some work done after school.

On staff development days we both make sure we have money because we get to actually go out to lunch. When you work at a school you have few options for lunch. 1) Cafeteria - not likely on most days. 2) Bring your own - this is what we usually do. 3) Order out - very expensive delivery charges. So we are giddy like school girls at the prospect of eating out on staff development.

We even dress alike sometimes. On special days (field day, holidays, etc.) we trek to Old Navy and get matching t-shirts for the occasion. Like other traditions, sometimes just us, sometimes others join in. 

After our principal decided to leave for another position, Charlotte rocked the tradition boat by deciding to take a job at another school for the coming school year. What? I know. I was truly shocked by her final decision. I was shocked to find out she put her threats into full motion. 

So yesterday, we spent our last contract day at school together. We ate lunch and got pedicures. Beasley, who is in town for the summer, was even there. But the whole time, there was this cloud over us. Some traditions died yesterday. No more after school antics in Charlotte's room. No more staff development lunches in restaurants. No more matching t-shirts. I think the questions loomed in both of our minds. Will this tradition survive? Will we continue to be as close as we are now when we are schools away?  Will we be ok next year without each other? Will someone else steal my BFF away?

If  you are looking for me after school next year, I'll be in my room. Working.


Danny and Paulette said...

Not to worry, Andrea; just use your beautiful smile and bubbly personality to find yourself some new best friends. You can still hang with the others when you can get together, but I'm sure some people at your school have just been chomping at the bit to get their chance to be in your circle. Go get 'em girl.

M&M Kanet said...

What?! How can she do that to you - and to herself! I could always hear you laughing from my room. You two had so much fun together. Cool notebook. Now all those meetings will be so much fun! AND people will know how talented and creative you are.