Sunday, August 3, 2008

two boys, a pregnant woman, and something that is not a hundred dollars

Today we went to Wendy & Chris' for Ben & Sam's birthday. We had tacos for lunch and swimming afterwards. This is different from what we usually have when we eat at their house. Usually we have hamburgers or maybe steak. They surprised us by mixing up the menu a little bit. 

Greg decided not to go swimming this time, so he was the official life guard. The kids usually hang on him while he's in the pool. This is fine, but they don't practice becoming better swimmers while they are hanging on him. 

Here are the 4 kids in the pool. They got along well (mostly) and retrieved the toys from the bottom of the pool. I guess Ben got miffed at Heather because she put the retrieved toys on the cool decking within jaws reach of the dog. He had to go rescue a toy a time or two.

I took this picture after Heather got this little toy thingy off the bottom with her feet. She told me to make sure I blog this and let you know that she got that with her feet.

Don't let the overcast pool shots fool you. It was plenty hot out there and sunny more often than overcast.

Let's get another look at the hot life guard.

While we were there, I used my box of magic paint swatches to pick out colors for the baby's room. 

This is not Gavin's actual room, rather the room they are recreating. They don't paint that quickly. I helped her pick a nice green for the bottom portion of the walls and a blue for the top. Cute stuff, huh?

And here's a picture of the baby. Can you see him in there? Wendy says she feels him moving all the time now. The other night she watched her belly roll as he did a forward handspring.

Wendy's due in December. She still has a whole lot of growing to do!

And now for the something that was not a hundred dollars? I had to get gas today. It was not a hundred dollars to fill up my tank this time. The pump automatically stops at a hundred dollars when you use the card, which was being pretty close to full - within a gallon or so. Today it was full at just $94.81. I know. I should be appalled that gas is so much. But instead I'm feeling pretty thankful that it wasn't a hundred dollars! 


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