Saturday, August 30, 2008

first day of school

Yay! We survived our first week of school. I know you have been anxiously waiting for first day pictures. I'll just have to warn you, the cuteness factor of these children is completely off the charts. If they get any cuter, I just don't know what I'll do. Lord help us in the teenage years. I'm sure Greg will be investing in his first shotgun to lay across his lap as suitors come knocking at our door. Me? I'll need some valium.

Here they are ~ all ready for the first day. Finding just the right first day outfit turned out to be a quest! We had one after our first shopping trip. But, frankly, I wasn't in love with them so on our next shopping trip I up-talked these outfits that they already liked. Check out Stephanie's shoes. Aren't those the coolest? You will notice their backpacks totally match their first day outfits. I'd like to say I planned that. I didn't. Total accident.

Greg usually does the first day photo shoot. Unfortunately, he was not able to get off work to continue our tradition. So it was just me. The kids were very cooperative all morning. I get kinda stressed the first day of school during the getting ready phase. The kids were warned to be on their best behavior. They were angels. 

Kinda looks like they were going to walk to school. Nope. Just a cute pose. They usually walk with Greg because he doesn't want to deal with the school traffic on the first day. They tried to talk me into walking. I said a firm, "Hell, no!" to that suggestion.

I am in complete denial that Stephanie is in 4th grade this year. There is no way that child is old enough. She has been so excited ever since she found out her teacher will be Mrs. L. I don't blame her. If I were in 4th grade, I'd want her for my teacher too.

Side note: Mrs. L's mom is a retired principal. When I was pregnant with Stephanie & for two years, she was my principal. Small world.

The class theme this year is "Around the World in 180 Days." Coincidentally, we have 180 days of school in our school-year. Each of the kids have passports for their journey.

Heather has been giddy about her teacher as well. Mrs. C is a wonderful teacher. We laughed that we have come full circle. When I was teaching 4th grade, her youngest daughter was in my class. Again, this child is not old enough! Wasn't she just in diapers?

Heather's class is on a "camping trip." Heather found her fish. Purple. Her favorite color.

Here we are ~ the three gals on the first day of school. I absolutely love having the kids at school with me! Mommy even got a new first day outfit too. Along with new school supplies, it's pretty much a requirement in our house. I bet you are wondering what's with those faces, aren't you? The day was overcast (love that) and the sun was just starting to come out. Suzanne told the kids to close their eyes and open them on the count of three. Maybe that didn't work this time. See those windows in the background? That's actually my class.

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