Thursday, August 7, 2008

down by the bay

No, we did not go on some vacation involving a bay. Heather had her kindergarten promotion program on Tuesday and they sang that song. Her teacher asked her if she wanted a speaking part for the program. Heather said no. She really can be shy sometimes. She was not too shy, however, to hold up a sign for the Down by the Bay song. She had the sign with the most action since the mom is in every verse. (Stinky picture, I know.)

Heather received her kindergarten completion certificate. She also received an award for Citizenship. She told me that that paper tells us she's special. Like we didn't already know?

Heather has had an awesome year in kindergarten. Heather loves to read, write, and draw. She has learned so much and really loves her teacher. Ms. K adores Heather too! She's always coming to tell me funny things that Heather does or says in class. They were the perfect match this year.

Heather and her buddy, Willow, will be in the same first grade class next year. They couldn't be happier. 

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