Sunday, August 10, 2008

water, water everywhere

Wednesday was Water Day in kindergarten! They worked hard all year long, grew bunches, and put on a cute ending program. What was left to do but play in the water?

While my students were at music, I went to see how things were going. I gingerly walked out the door. Heather saw me right away and came running towards me with a bucket f-u-l-l of water. I screamed and ran back inside. I came back outside with strict instructions not to get me wet. She talked to me for a minute then ran off to get someone else wet. I called her back over for a picture. I tell you, she has little control over a bucket full of water, because I almost got wet again from the momentum of her run. She was having such a great time. Moments like this - fun with pure abandon - just fill my heart with joy. This is how childhood should be!

See what I mean about that wiley bucket? She was running toward me with it again! I knew I had to get out of there quick. She was coming over to tell me to take a picture of her getting her teacher wet with the bucket. 

And did she ever! Of course after she dumped a whole bucket of water on her teacher, she got blasted with the hose in retaliation. Just like she wanted. 

Right after this the kids took a popsicle break on their towels in the sun. Heather needed help opening her popsicle. Next thing I knew, I had a line of kids needing help as well. It's good being the mom/teacher.

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