Sunday, August 17, 2008

now you tell me

When I met Greg, I had shorter hair. In our early days he told me he liked my hair shorter. Over the years my hair has been short, medium, and long. In recent years, he told me that he likes it all the ways and to just cut it the way I want. Ok, Mr. Diplomat.

This morning he asked me what I like and don't like about long and short hair. So I listed the pros and cons of each for him. I will not bore you with those details. Then he told me that he was reading my blog and noticed the two pictures of me on the right so close together. One with long and one with short hair. He said that although both look nice, he misses the longer style. He said he really likes that picture (me too) and misses that hair do. Me too!

Now you tell me! Cuz funny thing ~ I was a little on the fence about what to do with my hair for my back-to-school haircut. I had just about decided to grow it out again, but kept seeing a picture of a cute haircut on someone else's blog. I took the plunge and chopped it all off and now I wish I hadn't because I was really missing that haircut too. Here's the kicker: even though Kristin did a fabulous job and cut my hair like the picture, my hair just doesn't style like the picture. I have to really work at getting my hair straight, really straight. So, on me it looks different ~ not quite as cool. 

I'll be working on growing out my hair now.

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Pippi said...

I REALLY like your short hair.
I just found your blog via the Nester who I found via the Organized Junky, by the way.

I think the shorter hair makes you look younger (and no, you didn't look old before haha!) and it's really modern. I also really like the darker color on you.

I took the plunge in January, I cut 17" off my head..eesh. It's been an adjustment and now that it's shoulder length again..i'm going to cut it off again! Much nicer when working with a bunch of 5 yr olds (I'm an EA in an elementary school)