Thursday, October 2, 2008

party all night ~ or until you fall asleep

Friday night Stephanie had a sleepover for her birthday. We allowed her to invite 6 friends over, but only 4 were able to make it. Quite manageable!

We found some cute invitations that had a black border with pink polka dots. A polka dot party theme was born. I tried to do as many pink/white/black polka dot items as possible. At the party supply store, Heather found pink napkins with white polka dots on them.

We had cupcakes (hello, each one is a polka dot) with M&Ms for more polka dots. The table cloth covering the island was Stephanie's idea ~ pink plastic table cloth with paper dots taped on.

So the cupcakes were pink, they were strawberry flavored.

Stephanie wanted ham and turkey sandwiches cut into shapes (circle), chips, and apples with caramel dip. So easy to please.

While the kids ate their dinner, Greg bugged entertained them with his antics. He gave all the kids a healthy case of the giggles.

What else do you do at a slumber party besides play dress-up, scream and run around, dance to the latest tunes, and talk about who you want to be your boyfriend when you are supposed to be sleeping(yeah, I found out about that)? Make bracelets! The girls got busy choosing their beads, arranging their combinations and stringing their bracelets.

Their combinations turned out really cute.

Stephanie entertained us all while she opened her presents. Most of the girls were from Stephanie's class. A few times they broke out in songs their teacher is teaching them. You know, a little ditty here and there to get the kids' attention.

Make a wish! Take a big breath...

and blow!

Heather waits patiently for her cupcake. You know she was really thinking that her sister should get this show on the road! Give me a cupcake, already!

Rise and shine, sunshine! At about 10:30 we put spread the sleeping bags out and put a movie on for the girls. Naturally, there was popcorn with M&Ms in it. We were thinking that as they watched the movie they'd get drowsy and just fall off to sleep or be real close by the time the movie was over. Heather fell asleep. I fell asleep in the last 15 minutes. The rest of the girls? Not so much!

They wanted to camp out upstairs, so Greg helped them get settled. He told them they could stay up and chat as long as they wanted but they had to stay in their sleeping bags. Laying down, in the dark, past midnight. Who would last? These girls would. From the pounding we heard on our ceiling, they were not staying in their sleeping bags. We decided to be the fun parents and ignore this. About 1:30, Stephanie's friend with diabetes was having problems with her pump. A call to mom fixed that, but her blood sugar was too low so mom had to come get her. Last I heard at 2:30, they were still awake. I'm pretty sure they fell asleep soon after that. I know I did. This whole time? Heather is still asleep in her transplanted sleeping bag in the midst of all the giggly goings on.

The kids made foamy Halloween masks while I made sausage and eggs for breakfast. After eating outside and a little running around, parents came to collect their sleep deprived children.

One last polka dot. We sent these bags home with the girls.

Overall, the party was a huge success. I think all the girls had a great time ~ Stephanie especially. Prior to the party I was talking to some of my friends at school and they said they'd never do another slumber party again or they were glad it is only a once a year thing. Greg and I were thinking that it wasn't so bad. The whole deal was really low key and easy going. We weren't worried about a schedule or keeping the girls occupied every minute. We did have plenty of activities planned, but didn't need all of them because they had such a good time playing. In a couple of months, we'll let her have another sleep over if she wants.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering? We did not ignore the gal on her actual birthday. I made cupcakes for her class. She got to pick the dinner menu. She picked beef stroganoff, so Greg cooked.

This officially concludes Stephanie's birthday celebrations. We try to stretch them out as long as possible at our house, much to Greg's dismay!

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