Monday, October 27, 2008

craft show

Saturday was the craft show and fair at Grandma Smith's community center. I was going to be having my own table. I didn't know what to expect. Even getting ready for the show I didn't feel like I had enough stuff ~ or even the right stuff. I didn't have many duplicates of things. I had variety ~ sewing, paper crafts, and tole painting. 

I stayed up way too late Friday night getting everything ready and pricing. It doesn't look like much here.

I even tried to finish another outfit at the last minute. This is as far as I got on the skirt ~ which is actually almost done here. At 1:30 a.m. I decided I'd just better go to bed. Notice I pinned the bottom ruffle on backwards. I didn't realize that until after I sewed it on today. I had to rip seams. Crap!

Once I got to the clubhouse and set up I started feeling better about everything. The table wasn't bare and I think the variety was a good thing. Do you see that brown crate at the back of the table? Yeah, I spray painted that Friday night in the backyard, in the dark. 

Here you can see that Grandma is chatting up the competition. Geez, whose side are you on anyway? 

Not only was this a craft show & sale, it was very much a social event. Many of the men and women mingled and chatted the day away. Grandma knew tons of people there and introduced me to those who walked by. She is in the card club, takes beading classes, and takes other classes. They have this men's club called the Romeos. It stands for Retired Old Men Eating Out. Grandpa Smith won't join. Huh? Who doesn't like to eat out?

All the other ladies said sales were slow this year. I made some sales, but since I wasn't sure what to expect in the first place, I was not let down. I walked away with more money than I had when I came. Not a bad day all in all.