Monday, October 13, 2008

where everything is not as it seems

If you look with a careful eye, you can see past the current condition and into the beauty of an object. I mentioned this to you the other day after I visited the thrift store. 

I saw this candle holder on clearance at Target. It was about $2, I think. It's not incredibly ugly if it were in just the right house, in just the right place. In my house? Yuck! I bought it anyway with something in mind.

I decided to spray paint it another color. This may have been easier if it were plaster, but it glass underneath all that shine. So I sprayed a primer coat first. I ran out of primer in the middle & had to buy more. I also see where I missed a spot. Oh well, getting a base coat on was what I was needing.

When the primer was nice and dry (actually a few days later) I sprayed it black, at sunset, while Greg was trying to mow the lawn. I'm not always easy to live with, people. 

When this was dry it sat in the garage for a few days. Then I put it in the entertainment center with a bird on it. It looked kinda dumb. No photo.

Yesterday I found this white pumpkin at Michael's. I found the leaves at Joann's. 

I like the way it looks. Fall. Simple.

I didn't glue anything down, so after fall is over I may find a way to use it with the Christmas decor. Then? Who knows.

Keep an eye out ~ you never know what you'll find to change. 

I'm working on doing something with those frames. You'll be the first to know when I'm done.

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