Wednesday, October 22, 2008

tuna juice and all that sour milk

Greg said he wanted a light dinner tonight, so I started making tuna sandwiches. Stephanie hates tuna ~ hates fish. This is coming from a girl that used to tell me that the "chicken" was so good when she had fish on her plate at dinner. I never tricked her, she just thought all meat was chicken for a little while.

While I was making the tuna, Stephanie was being forced to do the dishes. She was doing more playing than washing if you ask me. When I was ready to drain the tuna I told her to scoot over while I drained it in the sink. At this time, she again sang the praises hatred of what we were having for dinner. (Oh, and just so you know, I don't make her eat the tuna. She has to make her own ham sandwich.)

With the tuna juice drained into a sink full of dirty dishes, I moved on and told her to continue washing. I heard her gag a little and say "ew." I chuckled a little to myself and thought about all the times I rinsed sour milk out of sippy cups. I thought about all the times I rinsed sour milk out of regular cups they leave on the table for a couple of days ~ as recently as this week. (You already know we are never on top of those dishes around here!)

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