Friday, October 3, 2008

where are all the children?

The children I gave birth to are with Grandma and Papa today. Hallelujah for semi-retirement because that saved them from daycare.

The children they make me spend my days with are torturing their own parents or grandparents. Or maybe they had to go to daycare because there is no semi-retirement option across town.

Why are all the children missing?


The kids feel sorry for me because I still have to work and they get a day off. Well, me too, a little. But today I get to
  • wear what I want to school,
  • hang out with my friends,
  • learn something,
  • pass notes to with my friends and try not to get in trouble (not really) (maybe) (not telling),
  • go out to lunch at a real restaurant,
  • not inhale my food in 20 minutes & forget to pee,
  • refrain from saying the names of certain misbehavin' boys continuously ~
Yeah, this day will be okay.

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