Tuesday, October 14, 2008

not exactly as planned

Remember these? I cleaned the frames & took them apart.

I thought it might be quicker spray paint them, but it was really windy outside. So I painted them by hand with craft paint. Luckily when I needed to varnish the frames it wasn't windy so I could spray them. 

I brushed this one with a little ivory paint for some interesting detail.

This one got a little metallic gold paint. This will be for a different project.

Ok ~ so here's my idea. I wanted to do a silhouette on the glass with something interesting behind it. I cut out the bat and got the background ready. I intended on putting the bat on the underside of the glass, but it looked funny. Too bubbly.

So I put it on the outside of the glass. It's ok, but not what I had in mind. It bubbled and I couldn't smooth them out. Greg asked why I didn't just put it on the paper behind the glass. Well, dear, since my idea turned out like crap, let's try yours.

That's better. I took it apart, cut out a paper bat and attached it to the paper. Dumb vinyl. Plus I like this bat better. The other one was way too big. I'm sticking with paper.

Sometimes these things don't turn out as planned. As long as they are cute in the end, that's ok. I bought two packages of vinyl thinking this was going to be the bomb. Right. Bomb it was. I'm taking one of the rolls back.

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