Wednesday, October 15, 2008

lunch rescue

Twice, in the last two weeks, Suzanne has come to the rescue of a lunch distress. 

Exhibit A: I keep my frozen lunches in the garage freezer. One day last week, in my haste to get out of the house and not be late (stop laughing) I forgot to grab one from the freezer. Even though I chanted the mantra in my head, "get lunch, get lunch." The items on the school lunch menu were not fit for adult consumption, so I decided to order from a sandwich place. Being the nice gal that I am, I asked Suzanne if she wanted to order with me. She said she had enough lunch for the both of us. Crock pot leftovers. There was plenty and it was quite delicious. 

Exhibit B: Yesterday Heather turned her nose up at the school lunch menu (that's my girl!) so I made her a gourmet PB & J and packed all kinds of other lunchy goodness. Just as school started she came to my room to tell me she wasn't sure where her lunch was, but it was not in her possession. She also mentioned that if she left it at home it "would be great" if I went to get it for her. Don't think so, kid. At prep, I checked the car. Nope. That means it was sitting at home on the counter where I left it. Suzanne saw me coming in from my car and asked what I was doing. I told her what happened and told her that Heather was out of luck. School lunch for her. Suzanne felt sorry for her and had extra uncrustables and other lunchy goodness in her room. She packed her a sack lunch and we delivered it to the relieved child's room.

So, here's to the the president of the Lunch Rescue Squad ~ thanks, Suzanne!

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Suzanne said...

Hey thanks....anytime I can come to a lunch rescue let me know! :)