Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the christmas version

Stephanie's drama club play was last week. They performed a Christmas version of The Wizard of Oz. The scarecrow was replaced by a snowman. The tin man was replaced by a tin soldier. No Oz - just Santa. You get the idea. Stephanie was Glinda the Good Witch. A red costume with snowflakes was requested. I aimed to please.

The dress was nice and all, but the girl really made it shine! And she was gracious enough to thank me and compliment me enough to make my head swell.

She knew her lines perfectly. She also knew some other characters' lines as well. She recited them daily while I dried her hair in the morning. 

Half-way through the performance her microphone ran out of batteries. Once she realized this, she lowered it a little and raised her voice in an attempt to be fully heard. As if I hadn't already been proud enough, tears came to my eyes as she did what any great performer would do and let the show go on. The next day the kids do their performances again for two assemblies. Ironically, her microphone was not working again for the morning assembly. Oh! She was mad about this! But she went on.

So here's to hoping you find what you wish for over the rainbow. Remember, you've had what you needed all along.

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