Saturday, December 13, 2008

our house is turning a little more green

In my old age, I'm considering the environment more. That, and money, I guess. I bought the reusable bags for Target and the grocery store. I get pissy when the clerks forget to use them.

Recently I've been trying to use my Tupperware/Rubbermaid containers in our lunches more than ziploc bags. Instead of grabbing a baggie for the cut up apple in everyone's lunch, I put it in a container. We are saving money on bags. We are saving the environment. Notice that I did say try. It doesn't happen every time. I still use baggies. But I just use them less now.

Well, I was reading on someone's blog (we all know that's where trouble starts for me) about how they use cloth napkins to help save this little world of ours, plus a little money. That little light bulb above my head started glowing.

I bought some cute fabric and made little cloth napkins for the kids to take in their lunch boxes.

I made these small. They are about 6" square. They don't need to be full size for their lunch box. I was able to get 4 napkins out of a fat quarter. So these 8 napkins cost me about $6. They can cost way less than that, but I was buying the fat quarters at my favorite, sorta pricey, quilt store. Over time, they will save some money.

While I was at the store I showed the fabric to the kids and told them my idea. They were all for it. Quite excited, in fact.

Heather takes her lunch more often than Stephanie, so she was thrilled to see that I had slipped one in her lunch without telling her that I'd finished them. She thought it was the coolest. Maybe she will start a trend among first graders!

Next up ~ Greg's lunch box. Maybe some purple and orange fabric to match his uniform?

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Suzanne said...

I love them! They are so stinkin' could make them for home with fun fabrics to match the season or holiday!