Saturday, December 13, 2008

slowing down

At church, we are hearing a series about experiencing vintage Christmas ~ one that is slowed down so you can focus on the meaning of Christmas. 

Emily challenged her readers to slow down to notice the small things.

Do you think someone is trying to say something to me? 

Well, Emily's link party came and went. I was too busy to stop and notice in time to be on time to the party. I know, there's a whole lot that can be said about me in that last sentence alone. Just keep it to yourself.

I have noticed stuff lately, but I feel like I want to notice with purpose. So right now, I'll tell you a few things I've noticed. Then in about a week (we'll be flexible with the deadline) I'll come back and tell you what else I've seen.
  • I noticed Gavin's sweet face.
  • I noticed the tender way Wendy looks at him.
  • I noticed that while I was still on track break Greg started turning off one of the two fans in our bedroom when he left for work. He knew I was going back to bed and would be cold without him there.
  • I noticed the way the girls' eyes lit up when I made them hot chocolate when they thought I was never going to get around to it that night.
  • I noticed that Stephanie is a true performer even when her mic goes out (more on that later).
Stay tuned for more....

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