Wednesday, December 17, 2008

it doesn't snow here

except for today.

In our area of town it started sometime this afternoon. There was no school for the kids because of parent/teacher conferences. I picked the kids up as soon as I could so they could play in it.

As soon as we were home the kids scurried to get their hats & mittens so their snow play could begin. It was a jumpin' for joy kind of day for them.

Stephanie and Heather rolled snow balls and made a couple of snowmen. For their limited exposure to the snow, they were quite versed in snowman construction.

The first snowman was smallish. They tried again and made a bigger one. The middle section was a little heavy. The girls employed their teamwork skills to heft it up on top of the bottom section.

They were so thrilled to be playing in the snow ~ in our front yard.

They made the faces toward the street so daddy would see them when he came home. Totally unprepared for this kind of event, I gave them some mini carrots for the noses. They used rocks from the yard for the mouth and eyes. I didn't get any pictures of the fronts. I stayed in Greg's good graces by not taking his camera out in the snow!

When they were done with the snowmen they had a rousing snowball fight with the neighbor boys. Right about the time I thought I might lose my left pinky from frost bite, I told the kids it was time to come in.

It is supposed to snow well into the wee hours of the morning. It's still snowing right now.

I got an email from the district that there is a possibility that we may have a snow day tomorrow. That would be so great! I could use an extra day for Christmas crafting! I've never, ever had a snow day before.

Greg might even have a snow day. They called the couriers in from their routes early today. Remember, it doesn't snow here, so many people do not know how to drive in the snow. Combine that with a huge delivery truck. The results can't be good. There were a couple of couriers who were stuck because of closed roads & other reasons. Sorry, Dave.

I'm voting for the snow day tomorrow.

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