Monday, December 15, 2008

trim the tree

We used to have a Christmas tree that came completely apart. Every year I spent hours putting that dumb tree together and winding the lights up and down the branches. Simply lighting the tree with sweeping strands of lights, like a garland, wasn't ok for me. Lights on every branch, it had to be perfect. It was a pain. Oh, and the lights had to be white. Such shimmering goodness!

One year I begged Greg to buy a pre-lit (and taller) tree. I got vetoed out of white lights by Greg and the kids. They wanted colored. We brought home this tree so tall it nearly touched the ceiling. It is prelit with colored lights. And it rotates! After we set the tree up that year I thought it was so lovely just the way it was and never got around to putting the ornaments on it.

Every year the kids help more and more with the ornaments. But still, I have a big part in it and make sure they are evenly spaced and such. This year I was sewing frantically to get Stephanie's drama club costume done, so Greg supervised the ornament placement. By supervised, I mean he helped unbox them and make sure the tree didn't fall on anyone. Stephanie and Heather put all of the ornaments on the tree themselves. 

Since they are small people, the ornaments rise no higher than about the arms length of our shorty 4th grader. I smiled when I saw it. This year it's their tree. We are leaving it the way it is.

You almost can't tell the top third is missing ornaments when the lights are on.

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