Friday, December 26, 2008

little gourmet chefs

Heather asked for Play Doh toys for Christmas. We caved. Now she has new Play Doh toys and gobs of fresh doh. 

This morning, the kids have been little gourmet chefs with the Play Doh kitchen and ice cream maker. They are making food and playing restaurant. They are alternately getting along and screaming at each other. Unless there is blood or other physical bodily injury, I'm staying out of it. 

At first, they followed the cute little recipe cards. Then they moved on to making their own creations.

Right now, all is right with the world. They've got Play Doh under their finger nails and smiles on their faces.

Remember these yellow tubs of smooshy goodness. Remember the way it smells? There's just something about the texture and the smell. I hope my kids remember the smell and are taken back to a simpler, yet complexly creative time when they smell it as an adult. 

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