Tuesday, December 30, 2008

fabulous things came my way

I wasn't the only one getting crafty this holiday season! I received an adorable gift from my brother and sister-in-law. Kim spent tons of time on this. 

Do you know what's inside the box?

It folds out to show all the goodness inside. There are pockets for cards, mini cards, and gift tags. There's a place for a glittery pen, some postage stamps, and a place to record special days so you don't forget to send a card.

Check out these cute cards and the pen with bling!

When I talked to Kim the other day I started asking her all kinds of questions about how she made it. She knew I was examining it short of taking it apart. She told my brother I was close to taking it apart to see how it was made. Am not! Especially since she offered to give me the measurements if I want. I don't know how she got the idea that I would take something apart to see how it is made ~ snicker, snicker.

Stay tuned ~ tomorrow I'll show you another fabulous gift.

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