Thursday, July 17, 2008

10 important things about Greg

Happy Birthday, Greg!

To celebrate Greg's awesomeness, let's talk about some important things about him.

  1. Greg is loving. He loves to snuggle the kids and me. You will often find him snuggled up with one or both of the kids while watching television.
  2. Greg is thoughtful. He is always trying to think about others first. He will go out of his way to do something nice for the kids. He helps me out by picking up Heather from daycare sometimes so I can get a little more work done at school before I come home. He will go to the grocery story with me just so I don't have to go alone. He also vacuums, dusts, and cleans the bathrooms if I pick up all the junk.
  3. Greg is smart. He is a whiz at math and can figure anything out! When he decided he wanted to make a website, he taught himself html codes ~ some very tricky ones, too. He goes online to find information or checks out books from the library. He has never gone to college, but is far smarter than some college educated men I have known.
  4. Greg works hard. He puts 100% and more into his job. He takes his job very seriously and wants to be the best example for FedEx that he can be. He has always taken this approach to working. He also takes providing for his family very seriously!
  5. Greg has precise time managment skills (unless he's on the computer). He figures out the most efficient way to complete a task gets to it. This is a handy skill to have working for such a time oriented business!
  6. Greg is funny. He is always making me laugh. Of course we have pretend arguments about which one of us is funnier (really, it's me him me him). He believes that fun and laughter are essiential parts of a happy family.
  7. Greg is a believer. This is important to me because I could not have married a man who did not believe in God and who didn't have the same value system as me.
  8. Greg doesn't like vegetables. He is very much a meat and potatoes guy. He does like corn and green beans. He does enjoy a salad, but no tomatoes or anything vegetable-like on it besides lettuce and carrots. But go ahead and load up on the meat and cheese. Since I have known him, he has found out that he likes a broccoli salad that I make. In any other application, however, he's not a fan of broccoli.
  9. Greg doesn't like to be hot. This is not always convenient for a FedEx guy in the middle of the summer, but he likes work that keeps him moving around. We keep our house very cool. You might want to bring a sweater.
  10. Greg is supportive. I've had many ideas over the years ~ some good ones and some half-baked. He gives me his opinion about matters, but in the long run he supports me even when he thinks I'm absolutely nuts. In our old house I wanted to paint the guest bath navy blue for a celestial theme. He helped me. (Turned out way cute, by the way.) When we were newly engaged, he bought me my own scroll saw because I took an interest in tole painting and wanted to cut my own wood. He's my biggest reality check and my biggest cheer leader.

I'm so glad we both ended up at Edee's birthday party eleven years ago. My life has been blessed and enriched beyond measure from knowing this man. He is my soul-mate and my rock. Thanks, honey, for being you!


Danny & Paulette said...

I agree with all ten things on your list. But it would all be for naught if you were an axe murderer.

P.S. - I'm funnier.

Danny & Paulette said...
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