Wednesday, July 9, 2008

beach post ~ hosted by heather

Hi, this is Heather. It was fun going to the beach house. I had a good time.

What was the best part about the beach?

Going in the waves. When I go in the waves, I go, like, whoa. It's so strong.

Was the water cold?


How was the sand?

It was dry and soaky. When I stick my hand in the ocean, I found a sand crab that sticked onto my thumb. It was gross and kind of hard.

What do you think of the sand crabs?

They creep me out.

When the wave comes up your feet start sinking into the sand. Well, they don't go all the way. It just goes a little bit.

What's in your hand?

A clam, a shell, or maybe something. I found a clam by myself.

Ben and I were digging to see what we could get. See there's a wave? The water comes at you.

I like to run from the waves. Me and Megan. 

We were helping each other find sand crabs and sea shells and clams. We had a good time.

Aunt Wendy and I were standing in front of a big wave. It was kind of scary because we were standing in front of it. I went out far with Aunt Wendy.

We went on a ferry. We got to drive our car onto the boat. We got to go outside the car and take some pictures (no ferry pics here). The boat ride is just called the ferry.

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