Sunday, July 20, 2008

lettuce wraps and garlic snap peas

We went to PF Changs for Greg's birthday lunch after church today. As the title indicates, lettuce wraps and garlic snap peas are some of our favorite menu items. Heather is in love with those snap peas. Greg even eats the peas. Hmm. Maybe Greg likes more vegetables than he lets on.

Besides the four of us, Mom, Danny, Grandma & Grandpa Smith, Tony (he's in the picture way in the back) and Gianna were there.

We had a very nice time which included tickling the littlest person and Stephanie's hand motions to one of her favorite church songs. To put a great ending to the lunch, we walked outside to find it was not blistering hot. It was a little cooler, humid, and seemed like it might actually rain. We did get a couple of sprinkles on the way home.

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