Sunday, July 13, 2008

new outfits

The kids wore new outfits to church this morning ~ partly made by Mommy.

The idea was to take a pair of jeans or shorts that were too short, but still fit in the waist and create something they could still wear. Then to pull it all together, applique something on a nice white tee. That way I could make that pair of pants last just a little while longer with a new life. That was the idea. I had no problem finding a pair of pants from last winter that still fit Heather up top but were decidedly high-waters. Stephanie? No such luck. I ended up buying her a pair of shorts to cut off and sew the skirt onto. Oh well, it's cute anyway. 

Originally, I thought I might have made Heather's too short, with the layers being too skinny. I thought I might have miscalculated the math. Hey, it's been known to happen! So I added some to the measurement of Stephanie's ruffles. That may have been too much. But at the rate that child gets taller, I don't think I'll be sorry it ended up longer.

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