Friday, July 18, 2008

so much for a happy birthday

Last week I told Greg my car was being sluggish when I started it. He said he noticed it too ~ probably the battery. He said we should just get a new one over the weekend and change it out before it totally dies. That weekend came and went. 

Greg decided he didn't want to go out for dinner for his birthday, but wanted to go out on Friday instead. I didn't plan a special meal, thinking we'd go out. So after work I headed to Panda Express. Just like the last few times we went there, the timing was perfect ~ no line. Yea me! Then we got in the car. I started the card. Rrr...... No battery. 

I called Greg...and called...and called. The one phone was off the charger and dead. He didn't hear the only other phone upstairs. After about the 97th call, he heard it. He came to my rescue, then headed to get a new battery. 

After dinner he changed my battery. When I took this picture he was less than amused, but shook his head in the knowing way. Knowing, of course, where this picture would end up. His amusement level quickly deteriorated. What should have been a quick 10 - 20 minute deal ended up taking two hours because the screw on the clamp for one of the terminals was crusted still. He was not thrilled. Finally, it budged loose. He said next time I have to pay the $7.99 and let the boys at Pep Boys do it.

So let's just add #11 to that list of important things. Greg is my knight in shining armor! He comes to this fair maiden's rescue...more than once.

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