Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the quest of the brown sandal

In the summer I like the kids to have at least two staple pairs of sandals ~ a brown pair and a white pair. Well, let's face it ~ here it's more like spring, summer, and most of fall. These two pair will cover just about any outfit where sandals will be appropriate footwear. Any others we add to the mix will just be a bonus.

I have not been able to find the kids a pair of brown sandals for over a year. They are both out of the toddler shoe size and into the little girl shoe size. When I look in that shoe area I see many shoes with a heel available for them. These are just a few that I saw:

Ok, I'll admit ~ way cute! And let me tell you, I love a heel. But let's remember who these shoes are for. My children still RUN at recess. They should not be wearing a two-inch heel except maybe on Easter or if they are in a wedding! And even then, I don't know. I'm even ok with a chunky heel like some sandals have. But, this is so not appropriate! 

These sandals are cute and fairly appropriate. They really should have a strap around the back for proper playing. I would have let them get these, but they just didn't fit right. They complained about them in the store. Never a good sign.

These are so perfect for the kids. Too bad we are looking for brown sandals, not white. Why can't these come in both colors?

I know I can be overprotective and a little old-fashioned sometimes, but it just seems like foolish behavior to stick a 6 or 8 year old in a two-inch heel that is too high for some grown women. Why are the options so limited? We are not allowing children to be children. Where are all of the appropriate brown sandals these days??? 

I'm just saying.

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Danny & Paulette said...

You know, most boys sandals are brown. I'm not sure about the fashion statement you'd be making, but the color is right. Maybe try the boys section??? - Maybe?